SOA Liberator 2 Piece Set

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The epitome of "versatility," SOA's Liberator Knife Set is your ultimate companion in any demanding scenario - back country survival, covert operations, battlefield combat and more! This potent, all-purpose duo features two distinct fixed blade knives, one 11 1/2" long overall, the other 7 3/8". Powerful and rock-solid, the larger knife is perfect for big, demanding jobs - field dressing large game, cutting palm fronds for shelter or even sawing down thick branches or moderately sized trees. The smaller knife is nimble and easy control, making it especially well-suited to fine, delicate tasks like cleaning fish, carving or any task that requires precision and finesse. For all their contrasting strengths and abilities, the knives in the Liberator set have plenty in common, as well, including rugged one-piece stainless steel construction and capable, razor sharp clip point blades. The already resilient stainless steel is coated in nonreflective black oxide for an extra layer of corrosion protection, and serrations along each blade spine expand cutting versatility far beyond that of the average fine-edged fixed blade. Each handle is wrapped in tough nylon paracord for a comfortable, no-slip grip. Valuable in a pinch, the removable handle cord is also great for tying down shelter materials, tethering food to high branches - well out of the reach of hungry bears - and much, much more. When you pack the Liberator set in your gear, you open up a world of possibilities otherwise maddeningly out of reach. Uncharted wildlands seem a little less remote and treacherous battlefields seem a little less harrowing. Liberate yourself from the ordinary - order the SOA Liberator Knife Set today!

  • Large: 7 1/4" blade; 11 1/2" overall
  • Small: 4 1/4" blade; 7 3/8" overall

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