Japanese Katana

Japanese Katana

Nov 12th 2020

There is something magical about a Japanese Katana. Interesting thing about a katana is that they are more of a higher class weapon, rather than a combat weapon. Though definitely used in combat, historical sources say that the courtly dress of a Bushi Class Samurai would have both a Katana and Wakazashi tucked into their sash. The same sources would than describe the same class of Samurai going into battle with Tachi or Uchigatana. Both of these weapons were slightly longer and had a thicker cross sections. 

That is also why so many Katanas are so richly decorated. These weapons are elegant and deadly. 

As we expand our offerings of Japanese weapons, it has been utterly a delight to learn and study more and more about these fascinating weapons and the cultures that created them. 

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