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  • Japanese Katana

    Nov 12th 2020

    Japanese Katana

    There is something magical about a Japanese Katana. Interesting thing about a katana is that they ar…

  • The Viking Encampment

    Oct 2nd 2020

    The Viking Encampment

    What an incredible experience. It was our pleasure to sponsor this new and local reenactors Vik…

  • Viking Encampment and Reviews

    Mar 2nd 2020

    Viking Encampment and Reviews

    We've been brainstorming on the a fun and interesting way to present our reviews. Weapons are dynami…

    Published by B. Seare

  • Updates and Events.

    Feb 4th 2020

    Updates and Events.

    It seems like the mountain of work to be done is not dissipating, oh no, quite the opposite. We have…

    Published by B. Seare

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