2023 Recap and looking forward to 2024

Posted by B.Seare on Jan 18th 2024

2023 Recap and looking forward to 2024

It has been an absolute roller-coaster..

From begging to end, this year has been amazing. We had the usual, ups and downs but in the end, everything turned out so so good. 

California was an absolute blast. Met literally hundreds of thousands of people. Got to experience our first truly large scale fair. We loved everything about it. This year for Renaissance Pleasure fair, we will only be there 3 weekends. Unfortunately, we got beat out by other vendors on space, which is unfortunate, but we will make the best of what we got. 

So thats not fun, 

But do you know what is fun?

Washington adding an additional 2 weekends to their fair this year!. 

Thats right, Washington Midsummer added 2 weekends to their fair, in addition to that, they also added their Friday Night events again. We are so excited about Washington. 

Oregon Renaissance fair is put on by the same company and I gotta say, they are hittin' it out of the park with these fairs. I see Oregon needing to find a larger venue because of how large it is getting and I see Washington looking into making permanent buildings. If that happens, we are absolute going to try and build. 

Oh, and we have started making some of our own items! Right now its only 3 but here in the future I hope that that number grows. 

I wanna thank all our Contracted help this year. You guys are awesome and we couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you again.

We have also added a couple of other events to our cadre of events, Mainly gun shows. We have yet to experience them but I'm hoping that they turn out good. 

Cya in 2024