The Viking Encampment

Oct 2nd 2020

The Viking Encampment

What an incredible experience. 

It was our pleasure to sponsor this new and local reenactors Viking Group. It was quite the experience watching them create their kits and trying to find out how best to help them. 

They wanted to show a proliferation of spears. They wanted to do this because, historically, there would have been far more people on the field with spears and not swords. Swords were relegated to the hyper wealthy. The common man most likely carried a shield, spear and side seax (viking dagger) into battle. 

It was quite intimidating the first time they formed up a shield wall and we stood in front of the wall. The spears made a menacing deterrent from an individual or group attack. We could see how absolutely effective a shield wall could be. 

We are so excited for next year and will be sponsoring the event again. 

Hopefully the 2020 pestilence will have cleared out and many more people will come.