Viking Encampment and Reviews

Posted by B. Seare on Mar 2nd 2020

Viking Encampment and Reviews

We've been brainstorming on the a fun and interesting way to present our reviews. Weapons are dynamic instruments of death that need more than just someone talking about them in a static setting. We felt the need to do more. 

I am a reenactor by hobby and for me, the logical route was to introduce some reenactor flair to our reviews. This led me to create a Viking Encampment event. This event will be in Early August and a cadre of Viking Reenactors will be accompanying us up into the mountains where we will eat, fish, and review weapons like Vikings. 

We are so excited for the journey and we have been working extremely  hard on our kits and clothing. We have also convinced many people to join us; we have a couple Historians, National Armored Combat League Members, Forged in Fire contestants, and even an Armorer from History Channels, "Knight Fights". With this band of well versed individual, we hope to provide amazing and interesting content for our community we are trying to create. 

What is a Scandinavian Weapon that you would like to see reviewed?